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Disposable anti PM2.5 respiratory face mask Carbon N95 Dust Protective Respirator Face Mask With Valve

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Product name PM2.5 Respirator Face Mask Material PP  Non Woven
Packing 3 pcs/box Size Regular

  1. Open the mask and place the side of the metal strip  above. Hold the mask on the face with your hand and hold the mask against your chin.

  2. Put the two ear bands separately on the ear.

  3. Place the fingers of your hands above the top of the inner metal bar,press and move the finger tips to the side of the nose, until the nose is pressed fully into the shape of the bridge.

Use time   The fog weather, dust storms, daily cleaning, ride, flu season,public place and hospitals, construction, mining, wood processing, oil industry, chemical  industry and so on.
Replacing time

   1.Different particle concentration environment, particulate matter, continuous use time of each person is different.

   2. Various amount of capacity of dust masks, and the use of the environment is different, which affect the service life of masks, so there is no way to unified regulation concrete replacement time.

   3.  Replace the mask when any part of the mask is damaged, and the apparent respiratory resistance increases.(8 hours under normal circumstances, depending on the use of the environment)

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